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Two Photographs enclosed: Nos. I7 & 18.

The photographs show the left hand, but the exercises are to be practised first with the left hand then with the right, one hand at a time.

FIRST POSITION as In photo 17 (fingers well back); retain this position for 5 seconds, then change to the SECOND POSITION as in photo 18, the three fingers bent down as far as possible; keep them straight at the middle joint, and bend only from the palm of the hand. Keep the first finger as upright as possible. Remain in this position for 5 seconds. Do this 5 times with one hand, then 5 times with the other, first as shown in the photos, then bending the other three fingers and keeping the little finger upright. REPEAT for ten minutes, twice daily, the two periods of practice separated by at least one hour.

The instructions regarding concentrating the attention, and care to avoid strain, given in earlier lessons should be strictly observed.

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