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Four photos, Nos 30, 31, 32 and 33.

The photographs show the left hand. As in previous lessons the exercise is to be practised with the right also.

By this time the student should have developed a fair amount of strength in all the finger joints and wrists, and should therefore be ready for this somewhat strenuous exercise.

Carefully note the effects which will be felt in the wrist and fore-arm, and if the sensation of fatigue is at all excessive, change the exercise from one hand to the other on the completion of every third movement, and retain the hand in the various positions for 5 seconds only instead of 10, and without clenching the hand tightly. Do this for the first three days, after which the exercise may be followed according to the following instructions:

FIRST POSITION, Elbow close to the side, the hand about a foot from the shoulder and a little below the level of the latter: clench the hand, but not too tightly, and hold in position as in photo 30, while counting 10 seconds.

SECOND POSITION. Raise the knuckles from the third joint only, until the middle joints, third joints, and back of the hand are quite in line and perfectly flat as in photo 31, and retain in this position for 10 seconds.

THIRD POSITION. Turn the hand smartly towards you at the same time clenching the hand as in photo 32, not too tensely, and retain for 10 seconds.

FOURTH POSITION. Raise the knuckles from the third joint as in photo 33, and hold the position for 10 seconds. In this position it should be possible to insert a pencil between the tips of the fingers and the palm of the hand.

Retain each position for 10 seconds before proceeding to the next; repeat the whole movement six times, and then change to the right hand. Practise for 10 minutes twice daily.

Particular care must be taken not to overstrain, and the injunctions regarding concentrating the attention given in previous lessons must be strictly observed. The previous lesson should now be discontinued.

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