This is my humble Web Page. It serves no greater purpose than providing some minor reward if the curious should follow my domain name, or merely arrive here by chance or accident.

I will polish this page as and when the mood arises. Please feel free to follow any of the links below.


NTFS Stuff is a fairly extensive exercise to see what's inside Windows' NTFS, what happens when a file is deleted and recovered, and why some files can't be recovered.

SSD Stuff is why, and how, SSDs are different from hard drives, and why there are so many myths and misconceptions. Oh yes, and what happens when a file is deleted and recovery is attempted.

FAT Stuff is a lesser disussion on the peculiarities of FAT file systems, and how difficult it can be when you try a simple file recovery.

Recovering Files is a single page with the essential points of file recovery - if you can't be bothered to read the three articles above.

Rachmaninoff Prelude in C# Minor is a count of all those notes, just what you wanted to know

OC-1 Filter Media is a fairly detailed description of how I chose OC-1 filter media for our swimming pool, and how it performs

Cowling's System for Developing Strength and Flexibility in the Hand and Fingers is a transcribed and edited version of the Cowling Institute's finger dexterity training excercises of the mid to late twentieth century.

Just Stuff is everything that will make me famous when I'm dead. It's a very short page.


There might be more to come, who knows?

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