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Lesson 11:


Three photographs enclosed, Nos. 36, 37 and 38.

The photographs show the left hand - as in previous lessons however, the exercise must be practised only by one hand at a time.

FIRST POSITION. Hold the hand as in photo No. 36, bent a little backward from the wrist.

SECOND POSITION as in photo No. 37, the thumb, and also the fingers, being kept quite straight, and the latter extended as shown. Retain in this position for 12 seconds.

THIRD POSITION. Keeping the other two fingers well back, bend the first and third fingers as in photo No. 38, and retain for 12 seconds.

FOURTH POSITION. Bend the second and fourth fingers, straightening the first and third, and keep in this position 12 seconds.

During these movements the thumb must not be allowed to bend, but must be kept perfectly straight along both joints (photo 38 is wrong in this respect). The movements copy those which take place when playing on the piano, violin and cello, but with this difference, that the mind is occupied only with one object in view instead of several, and the retention of the various positions for 12 seconds ensures the thorough exercise of the muscles involved.

Practise for ten minutes night and morning.

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